Enforcer 4G

Using fast 4G data and low-power standby, Enforcer gives you the greatest battery life and superior reliability of any similar product.

Tracking service from $16 per month!
*With pre-payment discount

Real-time Notifications

Get notifications in real time through our mobile app or directly to your email inbox.

Two Week Battery

With two week battery life you spend less time charging and more time tracking.

Location Tracking

60-second tracking gives you greater visibility. Always know where your asset is.

No Hidden Fees

NO activation fees, NO cancellation fee and NO contracts.
You're not stuck with us!

Fast Support

Ticket-based support system ensures every support request is responded to promptly and efficinetly.

4G LTE Cat M1

Fast, reliable and efficient 4G data connectivity built for IoT means better coverage and greater battery life.


Enforcer 4G Features

Small, lightweight, and powerful, the Enforcer also offers an optional weather-resistant magnetic case to attach to any equipment without the need for wiring or power connections. About the size of a standard vehicle key fob, the Mini goes anywhere and can track just about anything.

The long-lasting rechargeable battery can track for up to 8 days with two hours of motion per day, and averages up to 14 days with normal use.

  •  One-click history breadcrumb
  •  Geofence and unauthorized use alerts
  •  Low battery notifications
  •  Weather-resistant
  •  4G cellular data


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Enforcer 4G

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